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About Me


Hey there,

Thanks for taking a look at this site which I put together to help my affiliates to get started in SFI. However, if you managed to stumble in here or you are not yet a member, you are still welcome to browse through and see what it’s all about.

My name is Jerry David and I live in the UK with my lovely wife and 3 sons. I joined SFI in 2012 when I was looking for a way to establish an extra online income.
At the time I had been working from home for at least 12 years in my own PC repair and custom built PC business. I also installed and managed computer networks and electrical installations.

So by the time I started to take an interest in working online, I was already accustomed to working alone, setting and meeting my own targets and motivating myself.

I started off slowly in SFI mainly because I ended up under a sponsor who sent me an automated letter the first day that I joined and that was literally the last I heard from him in over 2 years. I was therefore left alone to figure it all out myself and I did become disheartened and drifted away to chase all the shiny objects and false promises that abound the internet. I always logged in to SFI and did my daily tasks but it was without any guidance or encouragement and I admit I did not give the business my full attention and I just drifted along for a time. I was a Team Leader but I was only really covering my expenses, I was making a small profit each month and I had a large but unressponsive network of affiliates.

I had a lot of success with other programs that I devoted more of my time to and I now make a healthy living with what I learned. I developed my skills in email marketing, list building and traffic generation, the benefits of which I intend to share with you.
I often wonder how much more I could have achieved within SFI if I only had someone to show me a few tips and strategies.

That is the main reason why I decided to set up a Team site for my affiliates to be able to benefit from the lessons that I have learned and to provide a help system that is available 24/7 even when I am not. Many new affiliates are reluctant to make contact with their sponsors and just give up on the business rather than ask for help. I realise that not everyone is confident and able to strike up a conversation with someone who is a stranger to them and I am no different so I would like this site to be a hub for learning where everyone can visit and find something of value without ,necessarily having to go through me directly.

Of course, once you feel at home and comfortable with me and our Team goals, then please feel free to contact me at any time. I really will be delighted to hear from you.

Talk Soon
Jerry David