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Daily Routine old


Your Step-By-Step Daily Formula To SFI Success.

Make sure to begin each day at SFI or set aside a regular time to do so on a daily basis. Always make sure that you do something that will help your business to grow a little every day before moving on to other tasks.

First,log into your SFI Homepage in the Affiliate Center.

Here you will see several tasks Highlighted in RED.

Click each individual tab. Start off by CLICKING the “TO DO LIST” tab.

You must go through your “TO-DO LIST” step by step every day.

Click all the red tabs above in turn.
Read all the information and perform any necessary interactions.

When you are finished then Click the Blue button at the bottom of each task.

1.  tab alerts

[Alerts.]  You can read all important SFI news and updates here. You also have the opportunity to see the SHARE-ITs you have earned for posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Click the blue writing and share to face book daily. This will share your achievements with your friends and could encourage some to join you.
2. tab To Do

[To do list.] Click every link highlighted in blue.
Click the My To-Do List tab on your SFI home page for a clear, easy to-do list to follow, as well as a handy outline of points you’ve scored so far this month. Tips

[Tips.]  Create a new folder in your computer and name it Training.
Copy and paste each tip you find interesting or useful to this folder on your computer and start building a reference library to refer back to often. Click HERE to Watch the video.
4. tab Stream

[STREAM] Share something valuable with your network and followers, whether it be some advice, a tip or something motivational. It’s up to you.

5. tab TC

[Triple Clicks.] Click the box share the deal of the day to Twitter and face book. Make sure to click and view all links highlighted in blue. Click HERE to watch the video.
6.  tab ECA

[ECAs]  Here you can check out the featured ECA (E-Commerce Associate) and score an extra Action VP each day by visiting the ECA’s TConnect store and exploring their products.
If you like what you see, also CONNECT with the ECA by clicking the “Connect” button.
If you really like what you see, become a customer and buy their products! After all, it is these ECAs that are paying for the VP you’ll be earning…and it’s these ECAs who will be boosting the TripleClicks Executive Pool. Let them know you appreciate their participation! Support our ECAs!

7.  tab EZ

[EZ] This is where you can play all the Easy Zebra games. By clicking on the EZ tab you can play 2 free games each in Card King, Gold Streak and Knockout Trivia everyday. After playing the free games if you spend 1 T-Credit then you will earn a bonus AVP (Action VersaPoint) to go with the 1 VP you earned from clicking the red tab. There is a limit of 200 AVP per month. Make sure you remember to enter T-Time to put you in with a chance to win prizes every hour, on the hour.

8. tab PB

[PB]  Click on this tab for quick access to the Pricebenders Auction. Earn 1 BONUS AVP (Action VersaPoint) by bidding on any auction today (minimum one bid). Plus, earn an additional 1 AVP for each bid throughout the month (up to 500 AVP per month).

9.  tab Scoreboard

[Scoreboard.] View a running total of your VP earned so far today as well as your overall total. You can also monitor how much commission you have pending and look at a break down of where it all comes from.


10.  tab Movers

[Movers.] This tab will show you your most active affiliates both PSAs and CSAs. Click the blue box to Send a post (Team Mail) to each top mover congratulating them. Clicking on the affiliate’s name will bring up a snapshot of their profile.


11.  tab Growth

[Growth.]  You may choose to congratulate your fellow affiliates by clicking each blue box.
At the right click and connect with members ECA websites that are in your Local Community area. Read all the stats and useful infomation you find here.


12.  tab Goals

[Goals.]  Setting goals and reviewing them regularly is critical for becoming successful Read then enter what you did that day. Click the blue box to submit your goals.

13.  tab ask

[Ask SC.]  Scroll to the bottRemoved1om of the page click the blue button. Read the article then at the right click the box to vote Yes or No. Also copy and paste any answers you feel is important or interesting and save in a folder you have previously created on your computer. YOu will find a wealth of knowledge here.
Submit questions to the SFI Community. Vote up the best answers and add your own answers too. I recommend you spend 1/2 an hour here daily reading answers.

14.  tab win it

[Win It.] CLICK THE GREY WIN IT tab, check to see if any upli8ne, downline or associates have won today as congratulations may be in order. Then cLICK the blue button at the bottom of the page to enter today’s Daily Grand Draw.
15.  tab forum

[Forum] Join in-depth discussions of SFI news, products, programs, and more with your fellow SFI affiliates. Brainstorm and share tips and ideas. Start new threads. Get your questions answered 24/7
A notification will appear after you have joined a thread for a short time, to tell you that you have earned your VP.