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How To Use Desktop Lightning

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I use many different sources for traffic in my Internet Marketing business.

I’ve used free traffic like safelists, traffic exchanges and the like. I also use paid traffic like Facebook and solo ads but I’ve found Desktop Lighting to have one of the very best open rates for email messages that I have ever come across.

My messages very rarely fail to achieve at least a 50% open rate and that is very very good comparatively. You also don’t have to worry about deliver ability and your mail being sifted and dumped as spam by the email services spam filter because you’ve included the wrong words or terms like “FREE” or “$” and such – like.

However, it is noticeable that not everyone is using this great tool to it’s full potential and

some users are clearly having trouble setting up and composing their messages.

This collection of hints and tips should prove useful if you are finding it difficult to work Desktop Lightning.


About Desktop Lightning

Desktop Lightning does not have an affiliate program and there is no facility to earn commission by promoting it. If you promote it to your friends and contacts you will be able to add them to your network and you will be able to share your content and mailings with them, but there is no commission to be earned for recruiting them.


You will only be able to mail to other Desktop Lightning account holders which means that the number of people you can put your offers in front of is not limitless but on the other hand because they are all account holders they are all there for the same reason and are therefore extremely targeted traffic. The mails are delivered right to their desktops so they are more likely to be read than with other delivery services, hence the greater open rates that are seen with Desktop Lightning.


As you cannot interact with other members via comments on their messages or any other method of reply, I suggest you always include an email or Skype address if you want some sort of response. I see so many people asking questions in their messages without including any way to answer them.


How To Videos

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Cool Subject Line Effects

**** Get Your Message Noticed ****

Have you seen those cool Desktop Lightning subject lines that have scrolling text and get noticed and opened before the other messages? Well, if you’ve wanted to use that effect on your own subject lines but you didn’t know how, then you’ve come to the right place! This scrolling text, is called a “marquee” and is an HTML code tag which can be used to set the color of the text, make the text scroll in any direction, including up and down and much more.

Now don’t panic if you don’t know anything about HTML code…you won’t need to. All you need to create your stunning subject lines is a basic skeleton of coding which you can copy and paste after simply adding the text that you want displayed.

Copy and paste the line of code below onto a notepad. Then add your subject line as you want it displayed and just paste it into the Desktop Lightning subject line box. This simple code will give you a headline that scrolls from left to right.

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”left”>Your scrolling text goes here</marquee>

Copy and paste the lines of code below onto a notepad. Then add your subject line as you want it displayed and just paste it into the Desktop Lightning subject line box. This simple code will give you a headline that bounces within the subject line box. You can play about with it by altering the colors of both the background and the text. If you want a simple scrolling action, then just change the “alternate” to “scroll”.

<marquee behavior=”alternate”><big><span style=”font-weight: bold; color: red; background-color: yellow;”>Enter any text that you want to scroll here</span></big></marquee>


Common Mistakes

  • Do not send invitations to join your DTL network via DTL because the only people who will see them will already have DTL accounts. Your messages only go out to DTL members.


  • Do not ask for help with using DTL without providing a method of getting back to you. I see so many people do this and completely neglect to leave a way to contact them. Use email, Skype or whatever the best way to get in touch with you may be.


  • Do not forget to check your message for errors before sending it off because once it’s gone, it’s gone and you cannot retrieve it, edit it nor delete it. So make sure you re-check everything, check all your links and make sure that they will take your readers to the correct URL’s that you intend. Make sure you use correct grammar and spelling to the best of your ability. No one will take you or your recommendations seriously if the whole thing is poorly set out and full of simple mistakes. My time is valuable (as I am sure yours is) and I will not waste it reading something that the sender apparently, didn’t think was worthwhile enough to spend his/her own time fine tuning and getting right. Delete and move on!


  • Do not make the content of your subject line too big. I’ve seen some messages that have unreadable subject lines because the content is simply far too large for the space provided. Sometimes it’s because the text is too large and wasn’t tested before it was sent out. Some others try to put banners in the subject lines and that does not usually work out so well. Please, save all that sort of thing for the main body of the message,it looks a lot better there, trust me.


  • Do not use any other format to personalize the recipient’s first name. Use the exact format as shown at the top of the ‘Send Broadcast’ page (Platinum Accounts).Just type {FIRSTNAME} wherever you want, in the subject or body of the message, and it will automatically be replaced with your recipient’s first name for you.


  • Do not write {firstname}, {First_Name}, [[first_name]] or any other combination thereof. Just write {FIRSTNAME}, exactly like that or copy and paste it if you have to. If you write the wrong personalization format then that is what will appear in the message and not your recipient’s first name. Now you really do not want that to happen as it is almost certainly the fastest way to make your recipient lose interest in your email and condemn it to the trash.


  • Do not, do not, do not, make every word of your message a different color. It’s not cool, it’s not’s annoying and makes your text extremely difficult to read. You might think that you have so many lovely text colors available so why not use them…NO!! Sometimes less really is more.

Highlight important text in red, make it bold or italicized for example, but please do so sparingly and be tasteful because no one is going to read or give any time to a message that looks like an explosion in a paint factory.


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