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Newsletter #40

Hey Team,
Jerry, your sponsor/co-sponsor here again with another newsletter.

Welcome to all new affiliates who joined this month and big thank you to those who got in touch with me. If you need any help or just want to ask a question, just email me at:

A few team members have contacted me with questions about traffic, autoresponders, safelists and promoting SFI so as a result I will start to deal with some more general Internet Marketing subjects in the newsletter.

If you have been reading the SFI Forum posts and ASK SC recently, then you can’t have failed to notice the subject of advertizing and promoting your business being discussed a lot.

If you are new to all of this and you have no idea how this is relevant to you right now then I will try to make it a bit clearer.

One of the prime objectives of running your SFI business is to establish and grow a network of affiliates in your downline. In other words, you must aim to get other people to join SFI under you by signing up using your personal link. These new affiliates become your Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA’s) once they join up and you will benefit from all their future achievements, so it makes sense to try to grow your network if you can.

SFI provides many ways for you to attract potential sign-ups to join your network. You are assigned several “Gateways”, which are single page mini websites or “landing pages” designed to sell your business to the prospects who view them. The Gateways are not only designed to persuade the prospect that SFI is a good fit for them but also it will persuade them to part with their personal details, name, email,etc.
Visit: to see your allocation of Gateways.

You will notice that each Gateway has a clickable hyperlink (in blue) that will take you to the landing page when clicked. This is the link that you have to promote.

Now, assuming you know nothing about any of this (please forgive me if this is too basic) what you need to do is to get your link in front as many people as you can. Get as many eyeballs on your Gateway as possible.

If you started up an offline “bricks and mortar ” business and you wanted to attract customers, you would advertize in the paper, hand out flyers, put up banners and whatever else you needed to do to let people know that you are the and ready to do business.

Exactly the same with your online business, because that is what your SFI business is. You have to let everyone know that you have this fantastic opportunity that could quite possibly change their lives. Of course it will not be to the liking of everyone and it will not be suitable for most, but a percentage of those who see your Gateway will be interested and will be prepared to submit their details. Of these, experience shows that only a very small percentage will actually go on to become active and productive within the company. It really is a numbers game, meaning that the more people that get to see your offer the higher the number that accept it will be.

SO how do you get your Gateway in front of all these prospects?
Just as with the offline business, you must advertize.
There are two forms of advertizing available to you; paid advertizing and free advertizing.

Free advertizing is obviously attractive to the marketer because you do not have to part with any cash, it’s free. Does that necessarily mean it is the best way to go however?

I will discuss the pros and cons of the two forms of advertizing in the next newsletter.

If you enjoyed this subject and want me to tell you more then drop me an email or message and let me know. Let me know if you hated, if it was too basic or if you would like a longer or indeed a shorter piece next time. Also tell me if there is any internet marketing subject that you would like me to tell you more about.


Talk to you all soon
Jerry David