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Newsletter #38

Hey Team,
Jerry, your sponsor/co-sponsor here again with another newsletter.

The year is well underway now and things are beginning to take shape. If you are the advice and training available within SFI and from your upline, your business should be on the “up” now.

You came online looking for an extra income to improve your standard of living and in SFI you have found an opportunity that can deliver just that but it’s not free. You must invest your time and effort and like everything else in life, the more you put in, the more you will get out. And that includes time, effort and money. If you want to accelerate your progress and growth then I would advise you to start to invest some money into your business. Nothing in life is free and you would not expect to start up a successful business anywhere offline without having to make a massive financial investment, so why should it be different in an online business.

Invest in yourself and invest in your future by setting up a standing order that will guarantee your EA status automatically every month. That is when you will start earning…just a trickle at first but it will increase as you keep doing your work month by month.

If you are an affiliate Why not make a committment this month to strive for your EA and set up a standing order as soon as your budget allows.

Back It Up!

Are you someone who thinks that bad things will never happen to you. Are you someone who will put certain things on the back burner to deal with tomorrow, although you know that tomorrow never comes.

Well, I was that person and I have just spent the past two weeks rebuilding four websites that simply vanished overnight. There was lots of advice available telling me to always back up my websites and I always intended to do that…but one year passed, then two years became three and I became complacent and told myself that the very reliable hosting company would always have a back up copy if the worst ever did happen.

WRONG!! Imagine my shock one day two weeks ago, when I tried to access one of my websites, only to find that it was displaying an error page and had been suspended by the ISP.

Three other websites of mine with the same host had also disappeared. I eventually received an apology from the ISP stating that due to a billing error my account had been suspended and subsequently accidently deleted. And worse! No copies remained of any of the site files.

In conclusion, I managed to negotiate some compensation from the ISP including some years of free hosting, I took the opportunity to freshen up and change the direction of my sites and I learned a very, very big lesson.

Why am I telling you about my troubles I hear you ask.
Well, you can take three lessons from my experience.
1. BACK UP EVERYTHING! Make several copies and store them in several locations
2. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. take action now, take action immediately!
3. ALWAYS LOOK FOR A POSITIVE. There is a positive to be taken from every situation even when it seems like your whole world has come crashing’s never really that bad and it’s never a reason to quit.
Talk to you all soon

Jerry David