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Newsletter #41

Hey Team,

Jerry, your sponsor/co-sponsor here again with another newsletter.

Welcome to all new affiliates who joined in April. If you received this newsletter then you are on my marketing team. If you need any help or just want to ask a question, just email me at:

In the last newsletter (Newsletter #40) I told you that you had two forms of advertising available to you when promoting your SFI and TripleClicks Gateways. There is paid advertising and there is free advertising.

Which form is best…”FREE of course”, I hear you cry. Why?..”Because it’s free, stupid”, you reply.
Well that is not necessarily the case.

First of all, nothing is free in this world. There is always a price of some kind to pay. With many of the free advertising sources, you will have to pay with your valuable time. Many will require you to sit in front of you computer clicking away for hours to gain advertising credits when you could be doing something more productive.


Free Advertising – Traffic Exchanges


First, what is TRAFFIC? Traffic is, simply put, a flow of visitors. People flow into markets, service shops, and information centers in the offline world by foot, vehicles, or even the telephone. On the internet, they flow to websites for the same purpose. That’s traffic.

A Traffic Exchange (or Hit Exchange as they are sometimes referred to) is a great alternative for driving more traffic to your website. Basically, you gain more exposure for your own website by viewing the ads for other peoples’ websites — A simple concept of “I view yours and you view mine”. This is referred to as “surfing”.

Traffic Exchanges operate on a credit system. Members earn credits by participating in a variety of ways. Typically by surfing, and then “spend” these credits for website views, banner ad impressions, text links, and in some cases, e-mail advertisements.




A safelist is a membership website where the members exchange email adverts with one another through a web based mailing system. Everyone who opens an account with a safelist agrees to receive email from the other members.

Because it is a membership club that all members opt-in to and validate their memberships, you will never receive any spam complaints, hence the term safe list.

So in simplest terms, a safelist is a club of web marketers who use the in house mailing system to promote their products, services, and opportunities to one another. Used correctly, safelists can be a very productive form of advertisement for you when promoting your SFI Gateways.

The safelists operate on a credits system that requires you to accumulate points or credits by viewing the emails sent to you by other members in order to be able to send your own email promotions. So the more emails you open the more emails you will be able to send out in turn. To be successful with safelists as a free member you will need to spend a lot of your time clicking away and viewing lots of websites.

With both Traffic Exchanges and Safelists, you will be able to upgrade your free account to a paid Pro account. This will allow you to buy credits rather than clicking for them so if your budget allows then this could well be the way you may prefer to go. You decide.

I did not receive any feedback from the first part of this subject in the last newsletter so I don’t know if anyone is getting any benefit from it. So unless I hear some objections I will address a few more free advertising methods next time.

If you enjoyed this subject and want me to tell you more then drop me an email or message and let me know. Let me know if you hated, if it was too basic or if you would like a longer or indeed a shorter piece next time. Also tell me if there is any internet marketing subject that you would like me to tell you more about.


Talk to you all soon
Jerry David